Trend Hunter AI

Trend Hunter is the #1 largest trend database utilizing big data from 150 million people and 3 billion views.
We've added the power of Artificial Intelligence to accelerate our trend library and research.

Big Data

With over 3 Billion views and 300,000 individual ideas, Trend Hunter is the world's largest trend database. Every visitor makes choices when they interact with Trend Hunter, whether that's diving deeper into the current idea or navigating to a similar idea. Those choices give us insight into consumer behavior and fuel our growing library of Consumer Insights.

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights are the higher-level patterns that our team identifies by spotting commonalities within the trend space. As the crown jewel of the Trend Hunter database, they describe the implications that the selected phenomenon has for brands and consumers alike. We've combined over 7,000 Consumer Insights with the power of AI to enhance and accelerate our Custom Reports and Research.

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Natural Language Processing

Using a combination of machine learning and vector mathematics, we're able to identify thousands of new relationships and comparisons between Ideas and Consumer Insights in our Trend Database. These relationships can be leveraged to:

  • Increase the efficiency and quality of our Consumer Insights
  • Be more exhaustive and provide more depth for our Custom Trend Reports
  • Identify entities to provide insight into live Data Trends
Machine Learning

Baked into the core of our Trend Hunter Dashboard product, preference tracking works to understand the ideas you want to see and delivers recommended insight and ideas for you and your team. Your preferences are progressively tweaked as you consume more content to continuously deliver relevant and interesting inspiration to your dashboard. Machine learning is also used to enhance our natural language processing capabilities.

Image Recognition

We've analyzed over 1.5 million images from our trend database to extract insight, content and text. This extraction fuels our research in a variety of ways:

  • Improved topic search dynamics
  • Increased efficiency in article creation, lowering the cost of content creation and in turn our Custom Research
  • Enhanced copyright detection tools